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In order to login to the WebCaster Administration Site, you will need three pieces of information:

  • Primary Email Address:  This is the main email address for your website.  All notifications and loan applications are sent to this email address by default.
  • Website #:  If you have multiple WebCaster websites, the website # identifies which website you are working with.  If you only have one WebCaster website, your website # is most likely "1".
  • Password
Check with the person who originally setup your website or your IT Administrator for this information.  If this information is not available within your company, use the form below to reset your password.

Reset Password
To reset your password, you will need to provide some information to identify your website.  Choose from one of the options below, and then click the Send button to submit your request.  WebCaster will then send an e-mail to your primary email address with instructions for resetting your password.

If you do not have any identifying information for your website or you have any problems resetting your password, please contact Calyx support at or at 800-342-2599.

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